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By C.-F. Wang, L.-W. Li, P.-S. Kooi, and M.-S. Leong

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The adaptive integral method (AIM) is applied in this paper to calculate the capacitance coefficients for an arbitrarily shaped three-dimensional structure. The uniformity of multipole moment approximation is revealed theoretically and numerically; it is realized that the approach can guarantee the accuracy of AIM for computing capacitance of any structure. The memory requirement and computational complexity of the present method are less than O(N1.5) and O(N1.5 logN) for three-dimensional problems, respectively. Numerical experiments for several conducting structures demonstrate that the present method is accurate and efficient to compute capacitance of an arbitrarily shaped three-dimensional structure.

C.-F. Wang, L.-W. Li, P.-S. Kooi, and M.-S. Leong, "Efficient Capacitance Computation for Three-Dimensional Structures Based on Adaptive Integral Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 30, 33-46, 2001.

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