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By L. Xia, C.-F. Wang, L.-W. Li, P.-S. Kooi, and M.-S. Leong

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This paper presents an efficient analysis of a microstrip antenna in multilayered media using the method of moments (MoM). The general forms of spectral-domain Green’s functions for multilayered media are converted into the spatial-domain Green’s functions using the discrete complex image method (DCIM). With the spatial-domain Green’s functions, the mixed potential integral equation (MPIE) is discretized in spatial domain, and the resultant system of equations is then solved using the biconjugate gradient (BCG) method. As applications, resonant frequencies of microstrip antennas in multilayered media are analysed. The numerical results show that the present method is an efficient and accurate scheme for analysing microstrip antennas in multilayered media.

L. Xia, C.-F. Wang, L.-W. Li, P.-S. Kooi, and M.-S. Leong, "Resonant Behaviours of Microstrip Antenna in Multilayered Media: an Efficient Full-Wave Analysis," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 31, 55-67, 2001.

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