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By U. van Rienen

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The focus of this paper is on the solution of Maxwell's equations for time-harmonic fields on triangular, possibly nonorthogonal meshes. The method is based on the well-known Finite Integration Technique (FIT) [33, 35] which is a proven consistent discretization method for the computation of electromagnetic fields. FIT on triangular grids was first introduced in [29, 31] for eigenvalue problems arising in the design of accelerator components and dielectric loaded waveguides. For many technical applications the 2D simulation on a triangular grid combines the advantages of FIT, as e.g. the consistency of the method or the numerical advantage of banded system matrices, with the geometrical flexibility of non-coordinate grids. The FIT-discretization on non-orthogonal 2D grids has close relations [26] to the N´ed´elec elements [14, 15] or edge elements in the Finite Element Method.

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U. van Rienen, "Frequency Domain Analysis of Waveguides and Resonators with Fit on Non-Orthogonal Triangular Grids," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 32, 357-381, 2001.

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