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By K. St. Germain, G. A. Poe, and P. W. Gaiser

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At wo-scale scattering model of the sea developed in terms of wind-generated stochastic processes of the surface-the elevation spectral density of the small-scale structure and the probability density of slopes of the large scale roughness-is combined with the Durden/Vesecky [1] wave height spectral model to analyze recent polarimetric measurements. Ad hoc parameter values are found for the wave model that allow the two-scale model to account for essentially all of the azimuthal features, amplitude and phase, appearing in all four Stokes parameters for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) aircraft measurements at 19.35 and 37 GHz [2] and recent Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) aircraft measurements at 10.7 GHz. The excellent agreement provides support for the validation of the approximations of the two-scale model for the range of conditions encountered. The ad hoc parameters of the wave model are developed using the 19.35 and 37.0 GHz data and then tested with 10.7 GHz data. The twoscale model should be useful in studies dealing with simulations and retrievals of surface wind direction from satellite-based polarimetric measurements.

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K. St. Germain, G. A. Poe, and P. W. Gaiser, "Polarimetric Emission Model of the Sea at Microwave Frequencies and Comparison with Measurements," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 37, 1-30, 2002.

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