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By M. Polewski and J. Mazur

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Theory of scattering by conducting, lossy dielectric, ferrite and/or pseudochiral cylinders is investigated using a combination of a modified iterative scattering procedure and the orthogonal expansion method. The addition theorems for vector cylindrical harmonics, which transform harmonics from one coordinate system to another, are presented. The scattered field patterns for open structures and frequency responses of the transmission coefficients in a rectangular waveguide describing the resonances of the posts on the dominant waveguide mode are derived. The validity and accuracy of the method is verified by comparing the numerical results with those given in literature.

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M. Polewski and J. Mazur, "Scattering by an Array of Conducting, Lossy Dielectric, Ferrite and Pseudochiral Cylinders," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 38, 283-310, 2002.

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