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By F. Ciambra, F. Frezza, L. Pajewski, and G. Schettini

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A spectral-domain solution is employed to completely characterize the two-dimensional electromagnetic plane-wave scattering problem by a perfectly conducting circular cylinder buried in a dielectric half-space. Use is made of the plane-wave spectrum to consider the diffraction, reflection and transmission of cylindrical waves. Suitable adaptive integration techniques are employed to numerically solve the spectral integrals. The method is valid for any value of the cylinder radius, and of the distance between the cylinder and the interface. Numerical results are presented for both near- and far-field cases and for both TM and TE polarizations, and a comparison with other results in the literature is discussed.

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F. Ciambra, F. Frezza, L. Pajewski, and G. Schettini, "A Spectral-Domain Solution for the Scattering Problem of a Circular Cylinder Buried in a Dielectric Half-Space," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 38, 223-252, 2002.

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