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Comparative Analysis Between Conical and Gaussian Profiled Horn Antennas

By Ahmed Kishk
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 38, 147-166, 2002


A parametric study is performed to the conical and Gaussian profiled horn antennas. Corrugations are added to these horns to further improve their radiation characteristics. The analyses are performed numerically using a body of revolution code, which uses the method of moments. The obtained numerical results are illustrated graphically to show the performance of the horns in terms of phase center, return loss, efficiency with parabolic reflector, directivity, and cross polarization of the horns. Results obtained conclude that the Gaussian profiled horns perform better than the existing conical horn antenna system. The Gaussian profiled horns provide higher efficiency, lower cross polarization, lower sidelobe levels as well as wider bandwidth. The objective of this article is to provide some understanding to the Gaussian profiled horns that might be of help to the new antenna designers.


Ahmed Kishk, "Comparative Analysis Between Conical and Gaussian Profiled Horn Antennas," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 38, 147-166, 2002.


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