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By Z. Jiang, Z. Shen, and X. Shan

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This paper presents a full-wave mode-matching analysis of a rectangular waveguide T-junction partially loaded with an H-plane dielectric slab. First, the longitudinal section electric (LSE) and longitudinal section magnetic (LSM) modes in an H-plane dielectric-filled rectangular waveguide are obtained. Second, the dielectric-loaded Tjunction is then divided into four regions and their electromagnetic fields are expanded into the summation of their modal functions using the resonator method. Finally, a mode-matching process for the tangential field components across regional interfaces is carried out to derive the generalized scattering matrix of the waveguide T-junction. Using the cascading connection technique of generalized scattering matrix, various waveguide couplers and power dividers/combiners with H-plane dielectric slabs can be easily analyzed and designed. Numerical results are presented and compared with those obtained by measurement or Ansoft's HFSS. Good agreement is observed.

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Z. Jiang, Z. Shen, and X. Shan, "Mode-Matching Analysis of Waveguide T-Junction Loaded with an h -Plane Dielectric Slab," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 36, 319-335, 2002.

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