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By H. Toyama, K. Yasumoto, and T. Iwasaki

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A simple and direct method to the problem of twodimensional electromagnetic scattering from a dielectric cylinder with multiple eccentric cylindrical inclusions is proposed. The method is based on the T-matrix approach. An aggregate T-matrix of the external cylinder for TM-wave and TE-wave excitations is derived in terms of the T-matrices of individual cylinders isolated in the host medium. The backscattering and differential scattering crosssections of the host cylinder are easily obtained by matrix calculations for the aggregate T-matrix. Numerical investigation is presented for the case where all cylinders have circular cross-sections. Numerical examples for up to three inclusions demonstrate that the scattering characteristics are significantly influenced by the internal asymmetry and inhomogeneity pertinent to the locations and material of the inclusions.

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H. Toyama, K. Yasumoto, and T. Iwasaki, "Electromagnetic Scattering from a Dielectric Cylinder with Multiple Eccentric Cylindrical Inclusions," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 40, 113-129, 2003.

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