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Analytical Model for Regular Dense Arrays of Planar Dipole Scatterers

By Ari Viitanen, Ilari Hanninen, and Sergei Tretyakov
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 38, 97-110, 2002


An analytical boundary condition for modeling the electromagnetic properties of planar regular dense arrays of dipole particles for oblique incidence of plane waves is developed.The regular array is assumed to be dense which means that the dipole particles are close to each other.The interaction between the dipole particles is taken into account by interaction constant.The expression for the interaction constant is written in analytical form and is used for developing a transmission-line model for arrays of planar dipole scatterers.The regular dense array is modeled as a shunt impedance which is different for TM and TE polarizations.


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Ari Viitanen, Ilari Hanninen, and Sergei Tretyakov, "Analytical Model for Regular Dense Arrays of Planar Dipole Scatterers," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 38, 97-110, 2002.


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