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By M. Zhang, T. S. Yeo, L. W. Li, and M. S. Leong

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In this paper, we investigate the electromagnetic scattering by a multilayer gyrotropic bianisotropic circular cylinder in free space. The coupled wave equations of longitudinal field components in the gyrotropic bianisotropic medium are derived. The eigenfunction expansion method is used to solve the scattering problem after uncoupling the coupled wave equations. A 12 × 12 or 16 × 16 linear algebraic equation is solved for two cases: one with the center being a perfect electric conducting (PEC) cylinder; and one without the PEC center, respectively. The gyrotropic bianisotropic media can be degenerated into gyrotropic medium, uniaxial bianisotropic medium, biisotropic medium and chiral medium etc. Numerical results presented for the last case was shown to agree exactly with published results. Numerical results of electromagnetic scattering by gyrotropic bianisotropic circular cylinders are presented also.

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M. Zhang, T. S. Yeo, L. W. Li, and M. S. Leong, "Electromagnetic Scattering by a Multilayer Gyrotropic Bianisotropic Circular Cylinder," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 40, 91-111, 2003.

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