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By X. Wang, C.-F. Wang, Y.-B. Gan, and L.-W. Li

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The electromagnetic scattering from a perfectly electric conducting (PEC) target located above or below rough surface is investigated, for the case of TM polarization, using the Method of Moments (MoM). The rough surface with Gaussian profile is used to emulate the realistic situation of a statistically-rough surface, while the tapered incident wave is chosen to reduce the truncation error. The Monte-Carlo procedure is employed to calculate the angular correlation function (ACF), which is dependent on the depth, size and horizontal position of the buried target, as well as the moisture content in the soil, and the properties of the rough surface. The enhancement of the ACF on the non-memory line can be used to detect a target below the rough surface. The analysis on the statistical characteristics is also carried out, in view of the study on target detection.

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X. Wang, C.-F. Wang, Y.-B. Gan, and L.-W. Li, "Electromagnetic Scattering from a Circular Target Above or Below Rough Surface," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 40, 207-227, 2003.

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