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A Numerical Study of TM-Type Surface Waves on a Grounded Dielectric Slab Covered by a Doubly Periodic Array of Metallic Patches

By F. Terracher and G. Berginc

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In this paper we numerically study the propagation of surface waves guided by a metal-backed dielectric slab with biperiodic metallizations on its surface. Such structures are electromagnetic absorbing screens when the dielectric slab is lossy. In this paper, the surface waves are characterizedb y their longitudinal andtransv erse wave numbers, which are deduced from the complex pole locations of the reflection coefficient of the screens. The reflection coefficients can be obtainedwith a moment method. These reflection coefficients are generalizedto complex incident wave numbers. The poles are isolated in the complex plane with the help of the argument principle and are calculatedwith a numerical methodbasedon M¨uller's algorithm. Then the parametric study of the wave numbers of the surface waves shows that the absorption of an electromagnetic wave by the screens at normal incidence is due to a resonance of the real part of the transverse wave number of the excitedsurface wave. We also show that there exists a Brewster incidence angle for the absorbing screens with suitable metallization array dimensions. This Brewster angle appears when the pole crosses the branch cut of the two-sheetedRiemann space of the reflection coefficient.

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F. Terracher and G. Berginc, "A Numerical Study of TM-Type Surface Waves on a Grounded Dielectric Slab Covered by a Doubly Periodic Array of Metallic Patches," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 43, 75-100, 2003.

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