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By G. Manara, P. Nepa, G. Pelosi, and A. Vallecchi

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The scattering by an anisotropic impedance interior rightangled wedge is analyzed when the principal anisotropy directions on the two faces are parallel and perpendicular to the edge. The problem is first approached by directly applying geometrical optics (GO); this allows us to identify the conditions under which the edge diffracted contribution vanishes. For those configurations not satisfying the above conditions, a perturbative technique, based on the Sommerfeld-Maliuzhinets method, is developed to determine an approximate edge diffracted field solution, valid when the normalized surface impedances on the anisotropic faces assume small values. The perturbative corrections to the field are asymptotically evaluated in the context of the Uniform Geometrical Theory of Diffraction (UTD).

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G. Manara, P. Nepa, G. Pelosi, and A. Vallecchi, "An Approximate Solution for Skew Incidence Diffraction by an Interior Right-Angled Anisotropic Impedance Wedge," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 45, 45-75, 2004.

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