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By D.-K. Seo, K.-T. Kim, I.-S. Choi, and H.-T. Kim

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The range profile is an easily obtainable and promising feature vector for a real-time radar target recognition system. However, the range profile is highly dependent on the aspect angle of a target. This dependency makes the recognition over a wide angular region difficult. In this paper, we propose a classifier with a subclass concept in order to solve this dependency problem. Recognition results with six aircraft models measured at a compact range facility are presented to show the effectiveness of the proposed classifier over a wide-angular region.

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D.-K. Seo, K.-T. Kim, I.-S. Choi, and H.-T. Kim, "Wide-Angle Radar Target Recognition with Subclass Concept," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 44, 231-248, 2004.

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