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By J. Sun, C.-F. Wang, J. L.-W. Li, and M.-S. Leong

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A new procedure for fast computing mixed potential spatial domain Green's functions for cylindrically stratified media is developed in this paper. Based on the fundamental behaviour of electric field Green's functions, spectral domain Green's functions for mixed potential integral equation (MPIE) are formulated by decomposing electric field Green's functions into appropriate forms. The spatial domain mixed potential Green's functions are obtained by using inverse Fourier transform applied to the spectral domain Green's functions. The summations of infinite cylindrical harmonics are accelerated by subtracting a term to resolve the problem of the series' slow convergence and by using the Shank's transform. The Sommerfeld integrals are efficiently evaluated using the discrete complex image method (DCIM) and the generalized pencil of function (GPOF) technique.

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J. Sun, C.-F. Wang, J. L.-W. Li, and M.-S. Leong, "Mixed Potential Spatial Domain Green's Functions in Fast Computational Form for Cylindrically Stratified Media," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 45, 181-199, 2004.

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