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By D. Cheng

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Helix particle exhibits uniaxial electrical-magnetic coupling and doped material with helix particles has the nonlinearity properties of electromagnetic waves. Based on the small nonlinearity assumption, nonlinear electromagnetic waves propagating in doped materials with transversely and longitudinally uniaxial electrical-magnetic coupling are analytically formulated, respectively. It is shown that this class of nonlinear material can simultaneously support right- and left-handed elliptically-polarized nonlinear waves. In the case of transversely uniaxial electrical-magnetic coupling, the two nonlinear waves propagate with different phase velocities (sub- and super-luminously, respectively) and spatial profiles. For the case of longitudinally uniaxial electrical-magnetic coupling, the two nonlinear waves exhibit different spatial profiles but propagate with the same phase velocity. It is also found that complex nonlinear waves, which propagate with complex phase factor, could exist for certain constitutive parameters of this class of nonlinear material.

D. Cheng, "Nonlinear Waves in Doped Material with Uniaxial Electrical-Magnetic Coupling," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 46, 189-202, 2004.

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