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By H.-Y. Yao, J. L.-W. Li, Q. Wu, and J. A. Kong

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Two-dimensional isotropic metamaterials fabricated from cross split-ring resonators (CSRRs) are characterized and their constitutive relation tensors are studied in this paper. The effective constitutive parameters of the metamaterials are determined utilizing the quasi-static Lorentz theory and numerical method (i.e., the method of moments for solving the electric field integral equation). The induced current distributions of a single CSRR at the resonant frequency are presented. Moreover, the dependence of the resonant frequency on the dimensions of a single CSRR and the space distances of the CSRR array is also discussed. Reflection and transmission coefficients of a metamaterial slab versus frequency are finally discussed.

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H.-Y. Yao, J. L.-W. Li, Q. Wu, and J. A. Kong, "Macroscopic Performance Analysis of Metamaterials Synthesized from Micrsocopic 2-D Isotropic Cross Split-Ring Resonator Array," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 51, 197-217, 2005.

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