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Low-Frequency Solution for a Perfectly Conducting Sphere in a Conductive Medium with Dipolar Excitation

By Panayiotis Vafeas, G. Perrusson, and Dominique Lesselier
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 49, 87-111, 2004


This contribution concerns the interaction of an arbitrarily orientated, time-harmonic, magnetic dipole with a perfectly conducting sphere embedded in a homogeneous conductive medium. A rigorous low-frequency expansion of the electromagnetic field in positive integral powers (jk)n, k complex wavenumber of the exterior medium, is constructed. The first n = 0 vector coefficient (static or Rayleigh) of the magnetic field is already available, so emphasis is on the calculation of the next two nontrivial vector coefficients (at n = 2 and at n = 3) of the magnetic field. Those are found in closed form from exact solutions of coupled (at n = 2, to the one at n = 0) or uncoupled (at n = 3) vector Laplace equations. They are given in compact fashion, as infinite series expansions of vector spherical harmonics with scalar coefficients (for n = 2). The good accuracy of both in-phase (the real part) and quadrature (the imaginary part) vector components of the diffusive magnetic field are illustrated by numerical computations in a realistic case of mineral exploration of the Earth by inductive means. This canonical representation, not available yet in the literature to this time (beyond the static term), may apply to other practical cases than this one in geoelectromagnetics, whilst it adds useful reference results to the already ample library of scattering by simple shapes using analytical methods.


Panayiotis Vafeas, G. Perrusson, and Dominique Lesselier, "Low-Frequency Solution for a Perfectly Conducting Sphere in a Conductive Medium with Dipolar Excitation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 49, 87-111, 2004.


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