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By T. Chakravarty, S. M. Roy, S. K. Sanyal, and A. De

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In this paper a novel method of generation of ultra-low resonance in a microstrip disk resonator is presented. The disk resonator is loaded with series L-C circuit across a selective location in the disk via a thin shorting pin. It is shown that in loaded disk resonator, the lowest resonance observed is in VHF range whereas the unloaded disk had a fundamental resonance at 1.76 GHz. This resonance is slightly offset from the series resonant frequency of L-C circuit. and it depends on the disk radius as well. Using IE3D, a commercial MoM solver, the said structure is simulated. The experimental results agree well with the simulated results. A closed form expression for computing the resonant frequency is given.

Citation: (See works that cites this article)
T. Chakravarty, S. M. Roy, S. K. Sanyal, and A. De, "Loaded Microstrip Disk Resonator Exhibits Ultra-Low Frequency Resonance," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 50, 1-12, 2005.

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