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By S. Ghosh, A. Chakraborty, and S. Sanyal

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This paper describes the performance of different loaded wire antennas (e.g., inverted L, T, I and C-shaped antennas) as electromagnetic interference (EMI) sensors. Loaded wire antennas in transmitting mode are widely used for low frequency communication. However, while using these antennas as EMI sensors, the extra loading is likely to introduce the reception of cross-polarized component of incident electric field and investigation on this has not yet been performed. This paper highlights the results of the initial investigation on the performance of these loaded antennas as EMI sensors in terms of the Antenna Factor for the desired and cross-polarized component of incident electric field. The Method of Moments with Pulse basis function and Point-matching technique has been used to evaluate the current distribution on the antenna surface and hence the Antenna Factor.

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S. Ghosh, A. Chakraborty, and S. Sanyal, "Loaded Wire Antenna as EMI Sensor," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 54, 19-36, 2005.

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