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By S. I. Maslovski, P. M. T. Ikonen, I. Kolmakov, S. A. Tretyakov, and M. Kaunisto

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New possibilities to design artificial magnetic materials for microwave frequencies are considered. Such composites can be used in microwave engineering at frequencies where no natural low-loss magnetic materials are available. A new magnetic particle (metasolenoid) formed by a stack of many parallel and very closely spaced single broken loops is proposed and analyzed analytically, numerically, and experimentally. It is shown that the effective permeability can reach reasonably high values over a wide frequency range when using such inclusions.

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S. I. Maslovski, P. M. T. Ikonen, I. Kolmakov, S. A. Tretyakov, and M. Kaunisto, "Artificial Magnetic Materials Based on the New Magnetic Particle: Metasolenoid," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 54, 61-81, 2005.

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