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By A. Y. Poyedinchuk, Y. A. Tuchkin, N. P. Yashina, J. Chandezon, and G. Granet

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The goal of the present paper is two folded. The first, the methodological one, is the complementation of well established in diffraction theory of gratings C method with certain elements of spectral theory and the development of interactive numerical algorithm that made feed back conjunction between diffraction and spectral problems. As a natural result the second goal appeared: the appearing of such tool for numerical experiments resulted in profound qualitative and quantitative study of rather peculiar phenomena in resonant scattering from periodic surface. Special attention has been paid to the investigation of electromagnetic waves diffraction from periodic boundaries of material with single and double negative parameters.

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A. Y. Poyedinchuk, Y. A. Tuchkin, N. P. Yashina, J. Chandezon, and G. Granet, "C-Method: Several Aspects of Spectral Theory of Gratings," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 59, 113-149, 2006.

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