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By H. El-Ocla

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In this paper a study is presented to handle the behavior of radar cross section (RCS) of partially convex targets of large sizes up to five wavelengths in free space. The nature of incident wave is an important factor in the remote sensing and radar detection applications. To investigate the effects of incident wave nature on the RCS, scattering problems of plane and beam wave incidences are considered. Targets are taking large sizes to be bigger enough than the beam width with putting into consideration a horizontal incident wave polarization (E-wave incidence). The effects of the target configuration together with the beam width on the laser RCS compared to the case with the plane wave incidence are numerically analyzed. Therefore, we will be able to have some sort of control on radar detection using beam wave incidence.

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H. El-Ocla, "On Laser Radar Cross Section of Targets with Large Sizes for E-Polarization," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 56, 323-333, 2006.

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