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By V. A. Dmitriev

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We consider possible magnetic symmetries of two-dimensional square lattices with circular ferrite rods magnetized by a uniform dc magnetic field. These structures can be used as tunable and nonreciprocal photonic crystals. Classification of eigenmodes in such crystals is defined on the basis of magnetic group theory and the theory of (co)representations. Some general electromagnetic properties of the magnetic crystals such as change in the basic domain of the Brillouin zone, change of symmetry in limiting cases, bidirectionality and nonreciprocity, symmetry relations for the waves and lifting of eigenwave degeneracies by dc magnetic field are also discussed.

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V. A. Dmitriev, "2D Magnetic Photonic Crystals with Square Lattice-Group Theoretical Standpoint," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 58, 71-100, 2006.

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