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By M. Chedid, I. Belov, and P. Leisner

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A radiated susceptibility problem has been identified and solved by means of simulations for a wearable computer system in the frequency range 30 MHz-1 GHz. Simulation strategy is presented for analyzing the effects induced by an electromagnetic plane wave within the system comprising infra-red sensors connected by coaxial cables. A procedure of creating a TLM model of the coaxial cable with controlled electromagnetic coupling characteristics on a coarse grid is proposed. Results are verified by means of theoretical calculations. Different sensor enclosures and filtering circuits are analyzed and implemented to meet the hard electromagnetic compatibility requirements while not interfering with the functionality of the wearable application.

M. Chedid, I. Belov, and P. Leisner, "Electromagnetic Coupling to a Wearable Application Based on Coaxial Cable Architecture," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 56, 109-128, 2006.

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