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By A. Shooshtari and A. R. Sebak

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Electromagnetic Scattering problem by multiple metamaterial cylinders are studied. A formulation for coating conducting cylinders by metamaterial is presented. The formulation is based on the expansion of electromagnetic fields by Bessel functions in local cylindrical coordinates and then transformation from local coordinates to others using addition theorem of Hankel function. Near fields and scattering cross sections for metamaterial and dielectric cylinders are studied and compared to each other. We have shown that an array of metamaterial cylinders increases forward scattering cross section which may use to increase the directivity of antennas.

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A. Shooshtari and A. R. Sebak, "Electromagnetic Scattering by Parallel Metamaterial Cylinders," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 57, 165-177, 2006.

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