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By A. Cheldavi and A. Arshadi

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In the present paper a simple model has been given to simulate the signal propagation through cross orthogonal coupled strip lines in multilayer PCB board. First the structure has been analyzed using a full wave software (such as microwave office) then a simple and suitable lumped equivalent circuit is proposed for the coupled cross talk region. The values of the lumped equivalent circuit are then obtained using a simple method. These values are then optimized to fit the S-parameters obtained using full wave analysis. Finally the s-parameters of this equivalent circuit compared with the results of full wave simulations. The results show good agreement up to some GHz.

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A. Cheldavi and A. Arshadi, "A Simple Model for the Orthogonal Coupled Strip Lines in Multilayer PCB: (Quasi-TEM Approach)," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 59, 39-50, 2006.

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