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By N. C. Athanasopoulos, N. K. Uzunoglu, and J. D. Kanellopoulos

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This paper presents an experimental Phased Array Antenna System operating at 10 GHz. Geometry of the antenna array is cylindrical. Antenna element excitation phases are adjusted at the intermediate frequency stage. Antenna element excitation amplitudes are taken to be constant. A least squares technique is used for phase computation and radiation pattern synthesis. The obtained radiation patterns provide steerable main lobes and nulls at predefined directions including control of the side lobes at specified levels. Units of the system are presented in detail and their architecture is explained. A phase calibration is used to compensate the system. Measurements of radiation patterns are presented and are compared with calculated patterns.

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N. C. Athanasopoulos, N. K. Uzunoglu, and J. D. Kanellopoulos, "Development of a 10 GHz Phased Array Cylindrical Antenna System in Corporating IF Phase Processing," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 59, 17-38, 2006.

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