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By A. Tadjalli, A. R. Sebak, and T. A. Denidni

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In this paper the classical boundary value approach employing the separation of variable technique is used to analyze the properties of elliptic dielectric resonator antennas. In this approach, the fields inside the resonator are expanded in terms of Mathieu and modified Mathieu functions. Numerical results are given for resonant frequencies of different modes as well for fields distribution inside the resonator. Series Green's functions are used to calculate the fields inside the cavity and also far field patterns for a given feed. Using the Green's function method provides more accurate results compared to a pure cavity model technique. The analysis and design are verified through numerical simulations. A parametric study has been performed to show effects of the elliptical dielectric resonator antennas (EDRAs) parameters on far field patterns.

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A. Tadjalli, A. R. Sebak, and T. A. Denidni, "Resonance Frequencies and Far Field Patterns of Elliptical Dielectric Resonator Antenna: Analytical Approach," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 64, 81-98, 2006.

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