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By I. Hanninen, I. V. Lindell, and A. H. Sihvola

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The classical soft-and-hard surface boundary conditions have previously been generalized to the form a · E = 0 and b · H = 0 where a and b are two complex vectors tangential to the boundary.A realization for such a boundary is studied in terms of a slab of special wave-guiding anisotropic material. It is shown that analytic expressions can be found for the material parameters and thickness of the slab as functions of the complex vectors a and b. Application of a generalized soft-and-hard boundary as a polarization transformer is studied in detail.

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I. Hanninen, I. V. Lindell, and A. H. Sihvola, "Realization of Generalized Soft-and-Hard Boundary," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 64, 317-333, 2006.

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