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By V. Singh, Y. K. Prajapati, and J. P. Saini

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A theoretical modal dispersion study of a new unconventional Bragg waveguide having hypocycloidal core cross-section and surrounded by Bragg cladding layers is presented using a very simple boundary matching technique [1]. An attempt has been made to determine how the modal characteristics of a standard Bragg fiber change as its circular shape is changed to the hypocycloidal shape. It is seen that in the case of a hypocycloidal Bragg waveguide single mode guidance is possible when V ≤ 10.0 where V is the normalized frequency parameter.

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V. Singh, Y. K. Prajapati, and J. P. Saini, "Modal Analysis and Dispersion Curves of a New Unconventional Bragg Waveguide Using a Very Simple Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 64, 191-204, 2006.

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