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Diffraction of Electromagnetic Wave by Disk and Circular Hole in a Perfectly Conducting Plane

By Kohei Hongo and Qaisar Naqvi
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 68, 113-150, 2007


The scattering of electromagnetic plane wave by a perfectly conducting disk is formulated rigorously in a form of the dual integral equations (abbreviated as DIE). The unknowns are the induced surface current (or magnetic field) and the tangential components of the electric field on the disk. The solution for the surface current is expanded in terms of a set of functions which satisfy Maxwell's equation for the magnetic field on the disk and the required edge condition. At this step we have used the method of the Kobayashi potential and the vector Hankel transform. Applying the pro jection solves the rest of a pair of equations. Thus the problem reduces to the matrix equations for the expansion coefficients. The matrix elements are given in terms of the infinite integrals with a single variable and these may be transformed into infinite series that are convenient for numerical computation. The numerical results are obtained for far field patterns, current densities induced on the disk, transmission coefficient through the circular aperture, and radar cross section. The results are compared with those obtained by other methods when they are available, and agreement among them is fairly well.


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Kohei Hongo and Qaisar Naqvi, "Diffraction of Electromagnetic Wave by Disk and Circular Hole in a Perfectly Conducting Plane," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 68, 113-150, 2007.


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