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By E. M. A. Elkaramany and F. G. A. El-Hadeed

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In this paper, new circuit models are used to calculate the induced fields in biological media exposed to an incident plane wave in the two-dimensional cases. These models represent the induced fields in the medium using the lossy long transmission line model [1]. The voltages and currents in the circuit model simulate the electric and magnetic fields in the medium. The response of the medium to the incident wave is represented by equivalent conduction and polarization current sources in the medium. These currents are used as the excitation sources in the circuit model from which the required induced fields are obtained. An accurate absorbing impedance boundary condition for open boundaries is used which considerably reduces the matrix dimensions. The validity of these models is tested in the problem of absorption of E- and H-waves by biological multilayered cylinders. Results are compared with available analytical and numerical solutions.

E. M. A. Elkaramany and F. G. A. El-Hadeed, "Circuit Models for 2-Dimensional EM Absorption by Biological Bodies," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 66, 1-14, 2006.

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