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By M. Mahajan, S. K. Khah, and T. Chakravarty

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Stacked microstrip antennas deserve special attention due to their advantageous properties like dual frequency operation and wide bandwidth. In the present communication a theoretical model for single stacked microstrip disc antenna is proposed using extended cavity model. The method of analysis by this model is easier and intuitive than the full wave analysis. Single stacked microstrip disc antenna with co-axial feed locations at different radial positions is analyzed with this model taking different ratios of patch sizes. Antenna properties like return loss, input impedance, gain and radiation efficiency are calculated with the proposed model different cases and compared with the simulated and experimental results. The results are in fairly good agreement.

M. Mahajan, S. K. Khah, and T. Chakravarty, "Extended Cavity Model Analysis of Stacked Circular Disc," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 65, 287-308, 2006.

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