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By J. Chen, Z.-B. Weng, Y.-C. Jiao, and F.-S. Zhang

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Abstract-In this paper,a novel Hilbert curve ring (HCR) fractal defected ground structure (DGS) and its equivalent circuit are investigated. Furthermore,an improved HCR DGS cell model with open stubs loaded on the conductor line is then presented to improve the out-band suppression. By employing three cascaded improved HCR DGS cells,an L-band microstrip low-pass is designed and fabricated. This lowpass filter achieves a quite steep rejection property; a low in-band insertion loss of below 0.5 dB and a high out-band suppression of more than 33 dB.

Citation: (See works that cites this article)
J. Chen, Z.-B. Weng, Y.-C. Jiao, and F.-S. Zhang, "Lowpass Filter Design of Hilbert Curve Ring Defected Ground Structure," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 70, 269-280, 2007.

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