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By A. M. Attiya, A. A. Kishk, and A. W. Glisson

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Vectorial modal analysis of a 2-D magneto-dielectric grating structure is presented. The modal analysis is combined with the generalized scattering matrix to obtain the transmission and reflection coefficients of multilayered 2-D magneto-dielectric grating slabs. The results are verified with available commercial codes. Physical interpretation of the grating slab behavior is introduced. An equivalent homogeneous magneto-dielectric slab is found using a simple approach for extracting the equivalent permittivityand permeability. Several examples are presented to find the relation between the physical parameters of magneto-dielectric grating slabs and their equivalent parameters. Emphasis on the possibilityof designing a metamaterial with equivalent negative permittivityand/or negative permeability by using these grating structures is considered.

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A. M. Attiya, A. A. Kishk, and A. W. Glisson, "Analysis of Two-Dimensional Magneto-Dielectric Grating Slab," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 74, 195-216, 2007.

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