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By M. Yao, C.-H. Liang, D. Li, and W. Zhao

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It is well known that a left-handed-medium (LHM) slab with negative permittivity −ε0 and negative permeability −μ0 can be made as a perfect lens for its negative refraction. In this paper, we show that such two semi-infinite lossless LHM slabs can realize electromagnetic energy localization completely through an accurate analysis. If two current sources with the same amplitude and opposite direction are placed at the right edge of the left LHM slab and the perfect-imaging point of the right LHM slab separately, we have demonstrated that all electromagnetic waves are completely confined in a region between the two sources and there is no power radiating outwards the region.

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M. Yao, C.-H. Liang, D. Li, and W. Zhao, "A New Structure for Localizing Electromagnetic Energy Using Two Semi-Infinite Left-Handed-Medium Slabs," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 75, 295-302, 2007.

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