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By M. F. Hadi and S. F. Mahmoud

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This work investigates the unique numerical dispersion behavior of the Compact-FDTD method for waveguide analysis, especially when the waveguide dimensions are much larger than the operating wavelength as in high-frequency EMC analysis or radio-wave propagation in tunnels. The divergence of this dispersion behavior from the standard FDTD algorithm is quantified and a major source of dispersion error is isolated and effectively eliminated. Optimized modeling parameters in terms of appropriate spatial and temporal resolutions are generated for computationally efficient and error-free numerical simulations of electrically large waveguiding structures.

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M. F. Hadi and S. F. Mahmoud, "Optimizing the Compact-FDTD Algorithm for Electrically Large Waveguiding Structures," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 75, 253-269, 2007.

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