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By H. Huang, Y. Fan, B.-I. Wu, F. Kong, and J. A. Kong

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A detailed study of surface TM modes at the interface between an isotropic medium and a uniaxial plasma is presented. Four cases for the isotropic medium, including normal, Left-handed, magnetic, and metallic media, are considered. The conditions for the existence of surface modes in each case are analyzed, showing that the existence is determined by the parameters of media, working frequency, and the direction of the principle axis. The Poynting vector along the propagating direction is also calculated. Depending on the media parameters and the frequency, the surface mode can have time-average Poynting vector in the opposite direction of the mode phase velocity.

Citation: (See works that cites this article)
H. Huang, Y. Fan, B.-I. Wu, F. Kong, and J. A. Kong, "Surface Modes at the Interfaces Between Isotropic Media and Uniaxial Plasma," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 76, 1-14, 2007.

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