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By Y.-G. Ji, J. Zhang, J.-M. Meng, and Y. Zhang

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A non-coherent theoretical model of sea-ice thickness with air-borne microwave radiometer (ABMR) was deduced based on the analysis of air-ice-water three-layer media. In the model, the highorder item of the brightness temperature was expressed and obtained. From the analysis of the penetration depth of sea-ice and its high-order item in the model, we found that ABMR with a wavelength can only be used to detect a certain range of sea-ice thickness. The maximum detectable sea-ice thickness is dependent on wavelength and precision of ABMR, whereas the minimum detectable sea-ice thickness is only related to wavelength. On this basis, the detectable sea-ice thicknesses of ABMR were calculated. The results were given on the selection of suitable ABMRs in different sea-ice conditions when ABMR is used to detect the ice thickness in Bohai Sea.

Y.-G. Ji, J. Zhang, J.-M. Meng, and Y. Zhang, "ABMR Ice Thickness Model and its Application to Bohai Sea in China," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 76, 183-194, 2007.

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