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By M. Lashab, F. Benabdelaziz, and C. Zebiri

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The aim of this work is to introduce the application of wavelet in Electromagnetic Scattering and making improvement in the moment method development. The conventional moment method basis and testing functions are used to digitalize the integral equations of the electric or magnetic field, resulting in dense matrix impedance. By using the wavelet expansion, wavelets as basis and testing functions, a sparse matrix is generated from the previous moment method dense matrix, which may save computational cost. Here application has been made upon two types of two dimensional antennas, which are circular cylindrical antennas and parabolic reflector antennas. Results are compared to the previous work done and published, excellent results are obtained.

M. Lashab, F. Benabdelaziz, and C. Zebiri, "Analysis of Electromagnetics Scattering from Reflector and Cylindrical Antennas Using Wavelet-Based Moment Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 76, 357-368, 2007.

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