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By S.-H. Liu, C.-H. Liang, W. Ding, L. Chen, and W.-T. Pan

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The characteristics of the guided electromagnetic wave propagation through a slab waveguide of uniaxially anisotropic dispersive metamaterial are investigated. Taking the cold plasma media model with ωmpz < ωmp⊥ < ωep⊥ as an example,the mode classification established in terms of the operating angular frequency ω0 of the slab waveguide. The results indicate that the mode properties are closely dependent on the frequency. When ω2 mpz < ω20 < ω2mp⊥ there are infinite guided modes. It is also found that when ω2em < ω20 < ω2mpz,there may be multiple solutions of the propagating mode with imaginary transverse wave number in a slab waveguide with thickness less than a certain value.

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