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By A. Mehdipour, K. Mohammadpour-Aghdam, and R. Faraji-Dana

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Besides the return loss and radiation pattern, dispersion characteristic of the antenna is one of the most important factors which should be considered in ultra wideband applications. In this paper, dispersion behavior of two specific Vivaldi antennas has been fully investigated in both frequency and time domains. All simulations are carried out by CST MS software. Moreover, by fabricating the antennas, the simulation results are verified by experimental data.

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A. Mehdipour, K. Mohammadpour-Aghdam, and R. Faraji-Dana, "Complete Dispersion Analysis of Vivaldi Antenna for Ultra Wideband Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 77, 85-96, 2007.

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