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By M. Nedil, M. A. Habib, T. A. Denidni, and H. Boutayeb

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This paper presents a new quasi-metallic-wall technique for improving the gain of CB-CPW single antenna and arrays. This technique allows reducing the surface wave losses of the CB-CPW antennas, which decreases the antenna radiation efficiency. It consists on including pins as quasi-metallic wall between the upper and lower ground planes in the CB-CPW antenna structure. To validate the proposed approach, a CB-CPW-slot antenna fed through an inductive coupled CPW-line operating at 5.8 GHz is considered. This approach allows to increase the antenna efficiency from 70% to 95% around the operating frequency. The antenna gain achieves then an improvement of 2 dBi. Also, an antenna array is designed and the pins technique is also applied to prove its applicability for the array case. An efficiency increase from 64% to 95% was achieved. Both single antenna and antenna array withpins were fabricated and measured. A good agreement between numerical and experimental results was obtained.

M. Nedil, M. A. Habib, T. A. Denidni, and H. Boutayeb, "Quasi-Metallic-Wall Technique for Increasing the Efficiency of CB-CPW Antennas," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 78, 437-455, 2008.

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