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By N. Kumar and S. P. Ojha

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In this communication, we theoretically report the reflection properties of a photonic crystal with alternate layers of air and GaAs for specified values of the lattice parameters. By employing the transfer matrix approach, the reflection spectra of the layered media are obtained for chosen sets of number of unit cells and incident angles. It is observed that the photonic crystals with different number of unit cells completely reflect a wide band in the infrared region of radiation. Also, we find that the reflectivity decreases and the completely reflected bands are shifted towards lower wavelength side with increase in the incident angle. Further, the reflected broadbands in the reflection spectra correspond to the forbidden ranges of wavelength obtained by using the analogy of Kronig-Penney model. It indicates that the completely reflected ranges are forbidden bandgaps, which is considered as an important feature of the proposed photonic crystals.

N. Kumar and S. P. Ojha, "Photonic Crystals as Infrared Broadband Reflectors with Different Angles of Incidence: a Comparative Study," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 80, 431-445, 2008.

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