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By S. Qiao, G. Zheng, H. Zhang, and L.-X. Ran

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The transition behavior of the k-surface of a lossy anisotropic indefinite slab is investigated. It is found that, if the material loss is taken into account, the k-surface does not show a sudden change from hyperbola to the ellipse when one principle element of the permittivity tensor changes from negative to positive. In fact, after introducing a small material loss, the shape of the k-surface can be a combination of a hyperbola and an ellipse, and a selective high directional transmission can be obtained in such a slab.

S. Qiao, G. Zheng, H. Zhang, and L.-X. Ran, "Transition Behavior of K-Surface: from Hyperbola to Ellipse," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 81, 267-277, 2008.

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