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By M.-Z. Song and T. Hong

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The sum and difference multiple channels were usually applied to the monopulse system only in a receiver. But this paper presents a technique of multiple beam modulation transmitted by the sum and difference multiple channels. The modulated field is designed as three chip signal vectors whose sum and whose differences are controlled by the gains of antennas,and the angle between the sum vector and the differential vector depends on the phase error between the channels so that the different microwave signals can be transmitted in the different directions. A receiver with single-antenna can extract azimuth and elevation with respect to the transmitter. Simulation results show that the proposed modulation system has been successfully designed to integrate digital communication with direction-finding in the way of the reverse monopulse.

M.-Z. Song and T. Hong, "Sum and Difference Multiple Beam Modulation Transmitted by Multimode Horn Antenna for Inverse Monopulse Direction-Finding," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 82, 367-380, 2008.

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