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By J. Ramprecht, M. Norgren, and D. Sjoberg

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A magnetized thin layer mounted on a PEC surface is considered as an alternative for an absorbing layer. The magnetic material is modeled with the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation, with a lateral static magnetization having a periodic variation along one lateral direction. The scattering problem is solved by means of an expansion into Floquet-modes, a propagator formalism and wavesplitting. Numerical results are presented, and for parameter values close to the typical values for ferro- or ferrimagnetic media, reflection coefficients below -20 dB can be achieved for the fundamental mode over the frequency range 1-4 GHz, for both polarizations. It is found that the periodicity of the medium makes the reflection properties for the fundamental mode almost independent of the azimuthal direction of incidence, for both normally and obliquely incident waves.

J. Ramprecht, M. Norgren, and D. Sjoberg, "Scattering from a Thin Magnetic Layer with a Periodic Lateral Magnetization: Application to Electromagnetic Absorbers," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 83, 199-224, 2008.

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