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By H. Kanj and M. Popovic

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This paper presents a novel resistively loaded antenna design for microwave breast cancer detection. The antenna is planar and ultra-compact,and can be easily manufactured using PCB technology with embedded thin-film resistive layers. Through numerical simulations,the antenna demonstrates a return loss below -10 dB over a wide frequency range from 2 to 35 GHz. For pulse radiation in the ultra-wideband (UWB) range in a biological medium, the antenna shows an excellent fidelity above 0.95 and a relatively high radiation efficiency of 39.21% in comparison to resistively loaded antennas. In addition,a design rule guideline is presented for designing the antenna to radiate in a specific background medium and with a given lower operating frequency. Finally,a complete microstrip feed design is presented for the antenna operating in the UWB range.

H. Kanj and M. Popovic, "A Novel Ultra-Compact Broadband Antenna for Microwave Breast Tumor Detection," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 86, 169-198, 2008.

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